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New DCRL8 automatic power factor controller

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New DCRL8 automatic power factor controller

DCRL8 is the last controller introduced in the DCRL family, inherits winning features of the DCRK series adding more functions and presenting them in a compact expandable version using the new look of the DCRL series.

DCRL8 combines high efficiency in power factor correction applications with a simple commissioning. It uses an algorithm to calculate the optimum configuration of capacitor steps in order to reach the set cosphi. The selection criteria takes into account many variables such as: the power of each step, the number of operations of each step, the total time of use, the reconnection time, etc.
LCD display Optical port
USB and Wi-Fi dongle Expandability with EXP
modules (2 slots)

The new front panel combines a modern design with a clear and intuitive user interface with a backlight icon LCD displayThe embedded icon display is able to show all the necessary data in a clear and friendly way.
The optical USB/Wi-Fi port on front allows communication with PC, smartphone and tablet without removing power to the electrical panel to connect communications cables.
DCRL8 preserves easiness installation with the possibility of expansion from the rear, where two modules of EXP series can be slotted.

Main features and functions of the controllers include:

  • 8 relay outputs built-in, expandable up to 14
  • 2 expansion bus for EXP series expansion modules to add relay outputs (steps), RS232, RS485, USB ports and Ethernet communications interface
  • High accuracy TRMS measurements
  • Connection in single or three phase lines and co-generation systems with 4-quadrant operation with dedicated setpoint cosphi
  • Wide selection of electrical measurements, including voltage and current THD with harmonic analysis up to 15th order
  • Voltage input separated from power supply, suitable for VTs connection in medium voltage applications
  • Wide-range power supply (100-440VAC)
  • Wide voltage measurement range (50-720VAC)
  • Balanced use of steps with same power rating
  • Reactive power measurement per step installed
  • Capacitor over-current protection
  • Step failure alarm
  • Maintenance counter in hours and number of operations for the steps
  • Configurable rated current input (1A or 5A)
  • Programming from panel front, from PC or from tablet/smartphone
  • Backup copy of default settings commissioning
  • Compatible with configuration and remote control software, energy management software and APP
  • Flush-mount housing: 144x144mm
  • IEC degree of protection: IP20 at rear; IP65 on front.
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