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Synergy V. 7.0 - new release

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Synergy V. 7.0 - new release

New upgrade to LOVATO Electric’s Energy Management solution

Synergy v 7 new release

Synergy updates to version 7.0 with important graphic and functional updates. The new release is available for free to all owners of Synergy Version 6 (or earlier) license, or for purchase as a full installation.

Synergy 7.0 opens up to third-party devices and software: energy management is even more receptive to the user's integration needs, which can now also monitor non-LOVATO network devices, communicating using Modbus protocol. All this without having to change your existing situation and without having to buy new devices. Additionally, with an extra license, access via web service to data collected in the Synergy database has been introduced. This gives you the opportunity to interface with popular business software (spreadsheets, management software, automation SCADA) for perfect integration.

The new Synergy 7.0 is ready for industry 4.0: it is the ideal tool for gathering and sharing energy data with industrial management systems and proactive automation, thanks to the chance of re-process data with complex computation functions and the open architecture to third-party devices.

With version 7.0 it also improves the interface, which becomes more user friendly and customizable, and some important features are added:

  • graphic view of time coverage with exception management (midweek holidays, business breaks for summer holidays, weekend work hours, etc ...)
  • possibility to enter complex computation functions for the re-processing of collected data (ie to derive energy costs from consumption, scaling of values)
  • new indicator to set in real time some parameters as thresholds or target cosφs directly from the live page
  • new table marker to group in a single list from 1 to 8 key measurements of a device
  • New calculated field editor with multiple functions available and a more user friendly interface
  • Help online available in the web interface
  • Possibility to use http or https protocols (user authority certificate)
  • Correction of bugs and errors.

Scelta oggetti - Synergy v7 Gestione live parametri - Synergy v7 Visualizzazione grafica fasce orarie Dispositivi di 3e parti - Synergy v7

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